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Name: Kim Jisoo

Nationality: Korean

Birthday: August 24th, 1999

Personality: VERY introverted, quiet, seems cold, but cares a lot for her members, honestly would do anything for all of them.

Backstory: Jisoo always spent her days at internet cafes, playing games instead of studying. Her parents would always be upset at her, and gave up on her because they knew she was never going to graduate. One night, when she was returning home she ran into Park II-Sung when he was calling someone important. She realized he was a bad person, so she tried taking a picture of him to report to the police. Realizing her volume was completely up, he noticed. He ran after her and caught her. He was going to inject a poison into her veins and kill her, but when he saw her he noticed she was really young. Instead, he made a deal with her. He would either take her with him to join the crime organization, or he would have to kill her. Agreeing that she would join him, she now works in her bedroom to erase evidence from CCTV's that are on the streets in case the police catches a member. Then she can just erase the evidence when needed. She rarely leaves the house or her room, only when needed. Her parents think she's studying abroad, but in reality she's working for the mafia.