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Name: Park Eun-Ji, Lily Park (American name)


Birthday: March 18th, 1997

Appearance: Tall, long brown hair, (damaged from bleaching it so much) Dark brown eyes,

Height: 5'7

Backstory: Park Eun-Ji was born in America. Her dad was Korean while her mother was European. She was born on March 18th, 1997. She lived a normal life, up until she was ten. When she was ten, her family made the decision to move to South Korea because her mother missed where she lived. Eun-Ji missed her friends and her school, which caused her to act out. Sure it didn't seem like it, but Eun-Ji was very intelligent. When she moved to Korea, she had to go to a school in Korea. Schools in Korea were very strict, and she didn't like that. She never graduated because of this. Her mother was disappointed in her. Her father was disappointed in her as well but understood her reasoning of why she never finished school. Eun-Ji now works in a restaurant in Seoul and lives with her friend, Marlee.

How does she dress? Girly and edgy. She wears crop tops, jeans, shorts, etc, heavily inspired off of idol's clothing.

Wears makeup?: Yes


Things Park Eun-Ji has said:

"Stay away from me underbite man!"